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Who has Vegemite?

No description

Sarah-Jayne Kerr

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Who has Vegemite?

Who has eaten Vegemite?
- Financial - improve sales
- Marketing - customer retention
- innovate appropriately, according to the current cultural and social landscape.
Key problems
1. decline in sales
2. 80% down to 72% household penetration of Vegemite in the market
3. failure to contemporize appropriately
Thank you!
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vegemite?
Marketing Strategy
1. Broader socio-cultural research
2. Market Segmentation
3. Refocus brand on selling perception over product
4. Reaffirm trust and commitment
Action Plan
1. By conducting a broader socio-cultural research through consumer focus groups
2. Reaffirming Vegemite's association with the cultural socio-cultural landscape
3. Refocus brand on consumer-relationship marketing
1. Adaptability to modern Australia
2. Reassure trust and commitment with the nation and its demographics.
3. Conduct research through traditional and new media channels to update knowledge on the current socio-cultural landscape.

Monitoring Performance Objectives
- Monthly & Yearly sales check
- Sales Check at the end of the year campaign
- Public Survey to align marketing objectives
- Vegemite struggled to connect with the modern consumer market:
we suggest for Kraft to research various cross media platforms to gain a deeper understanding of defining market segments and demographics.
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