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"Psalm 151"

No description

Julie Watts

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of "Psalm 151"

A Psalm of Thanksgiving O Lord, my God,
I do not have the words to express my gratitude
for all of the gifts You have given me. For all of the many gifts
You continually grant me, I thank You, Lord. Thank You for the stars that cause me
to stare with amazement at the sky,
the stars that remind me of my littleness,
the stars that cause me to contemplate
Your glory,
Your power,
Your majesty. Thank you for all of the families you have given me: Dad, Mom, Brian, Brendan, and Timmy My family: My extended family: Grandparents
Aunts and Uncles
Godparents Immaculate Conception - Macon, MO My Parish Family
My School Family My
Family My
Family The Families of which I am an "honorary" member: And my new
Family Through each and every one
of these beautiful families,
You have shown me Your overwhelming love. You, my God, have also given
the amazing gift of friendship. Because of the friends with whom You have blessed me,
I have been taught many things: Loyalty Laughter Forgiveness Understanding Love of You, dear Lord. Thank you for the sufferings
through which I have learned
to rely on You. Thank you for the joys
through which
I have learned
to laugh and sing. Thank you for the tears through which I have learned compassion. Most of all, my God,
I thank You for your overwhelming
love and mercy. I am nothing without You
and You are everything to me. Thank you for the sunset
that causes me to rejoice
in the many wonderful days You have given me. Thank you for the dawn
in which I hope for
eternal life with You. the oceans,
the lakes,
the rivers,
and the streams that remind me of the amazing gift
you have given me in Baptism. Thank You for Thank You, my Lord Thank You, my God Thank You, my Everything. My
Society of St. Thomas More
Family The Kirchers The Herndons
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