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Jaclyn Graveline

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Clueless

In the 1995 film
, Cher is rich, pretty, popular, shallow, and some could consider her to be snobby. She is good-natured, yet superificial. She knows how to talk her way into getting anyone to do just about anything. When she doesn't get the grade she wants, she and her friend Dionne set Mr. Hall up with another teacher to cheer him up and make him a little more lienent. Soon, when a new girl named, Tai moves to Beverly Hills, Cher and "Dee" make it a priority to give the hopeful girl a makeover and attempt to make her as popular as them. Suddenly Tai becomes more popular than Cher. This sparks a jealous rage. She realizes that there is more to life than material items and popularity and that her confounded ex-stepbrother was right about her inconsiderable actions. Cher comes to terms with the fact that he is the man of her dreams.
Monomyth Theory
An uncomfortable home.
Call to adventure.
Refusal or denial / learning the truth about the past / receiving the special item.
Meeting the mentor.
Crossing the threshold.
Test allies & enemies / realization.
Meeting the queen, goddess, or prophetess.
Approach and preporation / preparing to face the test.
The ordeal / servre test.
The road back.
Resurrection / final test.
Return with the elixer.
The return / they're a new person.
The Monomyth Theory was created by Joseph Campbell. It was a theory that said all great stories have the same pattern or set-up and the same basic seven characters. It is a sequence of actions that typically happen in most good movies and books. It is basically the path for heros.
Hero (Average Joe) : Normal person, small problems to solve, gains wisdom and overcomes problems.
Herald (Messenger) : Starts the hero on adventure.
Mentor : Wise presence that guides the hero.
Threshold Gaurdian : Tests the hero. (minor character)
Trickster : Creates mischief.
Shape-shifter : Changes their role in the story.
Shadow : Main person the hero has to defeat.
2.) Call to Adventure
When the new girl, Tai, moves to Cher's Beverly Hill's school, Cher see's this as an opportunity to give her a makeover. It is almost a calling for her. She basically considers it her job to make sure Tai has a perfect fresh start at this new school.
3.) Learning the Truth About
the Past
During the whole movie Cher does things for herself and for her consicous reasons. Later on she realizes that Josh is right about the fact that she has a tendancy to be selfish. At the end she really understands how she used to behave and react to things and changes.
4.) Meeting the Mentor
Cher's ex-stepbrother, Josh, tells her how selfish
she is and reminds her that she only does things when they benefit her in some way. Josh even says to Cher "You know, If I ever saw you do anything that wasn't ninety percent selfish, I'd die of shock."
She slowly begins to comprehend that he has been right all along and changes her ways.
6.) Test Allies & Enemies
1.) An Uncomfortable Home
Cher lives in a beaufitul mansion right in Beverly Hills. She is this spoiled rich kid who gets anything she wants. The uncomfortable part of her state is that she is "better" than everyone else. Cher completely fits in with everyone but at the same time, she's the only person remotely like and doesn't fit in all the time.
The only real enemy Cher has is Amber.
Amber the other popular rival of Cher. People like her and her fashion is always something to take note of. She knows that Cher is a "dimwit" and points it out a few different times.

8.) Approach & Preporation
When Cher and Dionne meet Tai for the first time they decide to be "generous" and "let her" be apart of their group. They prepare her for her new, popular life. The two of them give Tai a makeover. They switch up her wardrobe and do her hair and make-up. By the time they are done with her, she's practically a different person!
9.) The Ordeal
Once Cher gives Tai a makeover and changes how Tai acts to how she is. Cher starts to notice how rude and inconsiderate Tai begins to act and realizes that that's how she has been this whole time. She starts acting more mature and nicer to everyone including Josh, her ex-stepbrother that she supposedly can't stand.
10.) The Reward
Cher and Josh have a normal relationship where the two fight like brother and sister. Although Josh's mom and Cher's dad were married, it was after both kids were born so there was no direct relation between the two. Throughout the whole movie the audience can tell that Josh has some small feelings toward Cher. However, at the end of the movie he does something he hasn't done yet and compliments her. This ends with a kiss between the two.
14.) The Return
Once she realizes how she has been acting all
along, Cher starts to change her ways. She goes from being this spoiled brat who everyone, but few, love to a nice, selfless, teenage girl who still everyone loves.
1.) Hero : Cher
In the movie Clueless, Cher is the leading lady and the hero. Her life isn't quite like the other's around her but it is close enough. She is a rich and pretty teenager. She deals with problems average teenagers don't such as not being able to wear her "most capable looking outfit" for her driving test or people not R.S.V.P-ing to her dad's 50th birthday. She takes the whole movie to realize her act and change into a better person by the end.
2.) Herald : Tai Shows Up
Cher's mission or adventure really starts when the new girl Tai transfers to Cher's Beverly Hills high school. Cher decides that she wants Tai to be apart of her small clique. Tai goes from being a less than normal teenager who doesn't quite fit in to a pretty and popular girl who has her life figured out.
3.) Mentor : Josh
Josh is Cher's ex-stepbrother. He teases her often, as every older brother should. Josh teaches Cher about how selfish and inconsiderate she can be by calling her names like "brat" and "a superifical space cadet".
All of this helps her figure out that she doesn't want to be that type of person and helps her change.
4.) Threshold Guardian : Elton
Elton is your typical guy in school who everybody loves and is super popular. He's the bad boy that people adore but also have strong opinions on. Him and Cher have an odd relationship. They aren't dating but you would think they are. Cjer tries to set up Elton with Tai, but he thinks that he would be a better suit of Cher, herself. On the drive home from a party in the Valley, Elton tries to kiss Cher which leads to her running away and finding herself in a troubled situation. This event is quick and helps Cher with knowing who she wants to be around and end up with.
5.) Trickster : Christian
Christian a normal high school boy. He is very simple but still makes a statement. Cher refuses to date any of the boys in high school because they're all "dogs" however when Christian shows up, things change. He is mature and has a sense of fashion which Cher loves. It takes a while and some talk from Murray but Cher finds out that Christian is a great guy, but she can't date him due to the fact that he is gay.
6.) Shape-Sifter : Cher
Cher changes her role in the movie by going from a pretty, popular, and ditzy girl to a still pretty and popular girl, but she matures and realizes how she once acted. She changes her act into an overall better person. She also finds out who the man of her dreams is, which is a plus.
7.) Shadow : Cher, herself
The main person Cher has to defeat is herself. She has to overcome the type of person she once was and figure out what she wants. Her switch as a person is somewhat drastic. Although her attitude is the only real thing that changes, it switches things up a bit. Cher becomes an improved person and matures into the person she wants to be,
Jaclyn Graveline

Fourth Block
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