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Friday, October 8th

No description

erika steinger

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Friday, October 8th

Meeting the Characters
main characters
Meeting the Characters
Read the bio of your assigned character
Fill in your graphic organizer
Prepare to "become" that character
Do Now
Go to the back of the room and get your Independent Reading book
Take out your book log
Begin reading silently and independently

Friday, October 8th
"Becoming" Your Character
Do Now
Copy down the EQ and the word of the day
Take out your vocabulary homework
Respond to the following question in your notes:
Imagine you're on a first date. What questions do you ask to get to know the person better?
John Proctor
Abigail Williams
Reverend Hale

A slave of Reverend Parris, Tituba is originally from Barbados. She is terrified of Parris, since he generally blames her for everything that goes wrong. As a black female slave, she represents the lowest wrung of Salem society.
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