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Villa Emba

No description

Steven Drakou

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Villa Emba

Welcome Investors Very selective channels, to ensure reception of a high wealth image Overview Villa Emba is a concept that focuses on creating events that offer people a different party experience The Problem Monotonous nature of the current clubbing experience in London Our company will host events once a month to spice up the boring Saturday afternoons of people Villa Emba Stavros Drakou
Ishant Kasana Jay Kothari
Mirang Parekh VillaEmbaUK@gmail.com 25/4/13 The plan is to create parties during Saturday afternoons at different locations every time with a different theme to stimulate peoples interest There will a strict 'stick to the theme' door policy to stimulate peoples imagination in choice of outfit Villa Emba will not only benefit the company but also the venues, suppliers and promoters due to repeat business Customers want a more differentiated clubbing scene Repeat clients want preferential treatment, which they do not receive from existing clubs According to the owner of the main competition, there is still a big market gap that they can not fill even with increasing the frequency of their events 77% of respondents were willing to go out during the afternoon hours on a Saturday Our fully integrated reservation facility makes it quick and easy to make and confirm a reservation Each event will have its own theme to inspire customers imagination in the clothing department We aim to create an oligopoly with the other competitors to increase barriers of entry Opportunity and Target Market Young adults between ages 21-35 from diverse backgrounds Main customers will comprise of network of university student and young professionals Promoters will be given an incentive of 10% from all tables they bring The Solution Technology Fully automated and synced reservation system Bookings from Facebook, website, Eventbrite and app show real-time on server Layout of venues on company version of app Head of PR will have a BB to reply to any queries Bacanal Love Brunch Competition Marketing and Sales Personal Selling Social Network Sites Push Artist concept Bloggers Videos Pop up ads Word of mouth Reach 15,000 people Financials Management Team Existing Required Detailed Financials Current Status Primary research has shown the willingness of customers to attend events Limited liability company model has been chosen Management team will put initial £50,000 Unofficial agreement with Bacanal has been made to avoid events on the same day Structure Finance sought and returns £100,000 for 10% of the Company Shareholder dividends paid semi annually Summary Gap in the market ready to be filled Network of team makes it easy to set up Team has worked together and is very harmonious Only personal exit strategies Great return for investor Thank you
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