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Abercrombie and Fitch

No description

Colleen Coen

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Abercrombie and Fitch

Our Market
Young adults and collegiate level students who keep up on ever-changing styles but love classic all-American style
A & F has a wide range of products that appeal to a broad market
Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie & Fitch
Our Customers
Our goal is to connect with those who's opinion matters most--our customers!
Made in America
Free spirited clientele
Appreciate quality, class, and comfort
Create a lasting relationship with a domestic manufacturer
Develop an exclusive clothing line for the promotional period
Establish a connection with The Wounded Warrior Project
Increase customer loyalty and sales
Relationship with a Domestic Manufacturer
Clothes are currently
made overseas
Will promote patriotism and just means of production
Creates jobs, stimulates economy, and improves image
Exclusive Clothing Line
Made in America promotion includes a clothing line produced and sold in America
Available June 13th-July 4th, 2015
items featuring patriotic images and phrases
reflect styles typical to the classic American persona
The Wounded
Warrior Project
Further embrace American unity and tradition
As part of the promotion military personnel will receive additional benefits
Military personnel and their families will recieve additional benefits
A bracelet will be created sporting The Wounded Warrior Project's slogan; all proceeds will be donated to the foundation
Increase Loyalty and Sales
Improving brand image results in increased loyalty
capitalize on desire to purchase American made goods
extend winter sales success into summer w/ a fresh take on summer trends
Barbeque Launch Party
A launch party to get the word out about the
Made in America
held at Copley Square, near Faneuil Square
50 wounded warriors and their families will be invited w/ staff of Faneuil Square location

Fourth of July Fireworks Show
We will be the title sponsor of the Boston Pops Firework Show
A&F will have displays and advertisements
Pop-up store so all attendees can shop the Made in America line
billboards, in-store, and
patriotic window displays,
clothing designs, uniform yet
personal customer experience
various social media platforms
In-Store Activities:
product and military personnel
7 weeks prior to launch-mandatory employee meeting
employees will become familiar with the plan and their responsibilities
A. Managers
B. Assistant Managers
C. Sales Associates/Leads
domestically made products higher quality goods
broaden target market and attract new customers increased revenue
Bracelets benefit The Wounded Warrior Project and demonstrate A&F committment to honoring true American Heroes
High standard for quality
with Northeast traditions
Men's and women's clothing & accessories
Available online and in-stores around the world
SWOT analysis helped determine ideal location: Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA
Established target market
promotional details
A Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan
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