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The most deadly bird on earth!

Eli Wood

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Cassowaries

cassowary? What is a Is it some sort of mythical monster? Or an extinct Dinosaur? No THIS is a cassowary The cassowary is known
as the deadliest bird
on the planet. Here's why. So what makes the cassowary so deadly? Part of the reason is that cassowaries are very aggressive. They are quick to react if you annoy them at all. Long claw on middle toe Huge, thick beak Cassowary Muscular body The cassowary is small compared to past relatives. Let's talk about their claws. They are 12 cm long and can disembowel a grown man with one well-placed kick. A ceremonial weapon with a cassowary claw at the end. It was collected in the 1960's after being used by New Guinea tribal people. The other reason is their killer aspects But it has the best weapons... ...and the biggest temper. Their eggs look like something from outer space. Kinda off topic but... Their beak is pretty awesome, too. The beak is soft, but it can be used in attacks. In the wild the beaks are often sharp. In zoos they sometimes break their beaks from ramming the fence in fits of aggression. If you said crest, you were correct. They can be set off by anything, even trees. (or biting insects) This is the cassowary's
ancestor, the diatryma. What is a cassowary's casque? It is made of a soft material like the beak. The casque is used for ramming and deflecting fallen fruit. Luckily the cassowary does not consume large prey but will indulge in snails, insects, mice, frogs, birds, fish, rats, and carrion. They mostly just eat fruit , nuts, seeds, and flowers. Like all killer creatures, the cassowary has some setbacks. It can't fly, so it cannot chase its prey up trees. A cassowary is a flightless bird
native to New Guinea. It is a ratite, a group of large birds found mainly in New Guinea, Africa, Australia, and South America. The ratites also include ostriches, reahs, emus, and kiwis. Speaking of dinosaurs I hope you enjoyed my !!!!!!!! Because if you did... Evolving from an ancestor such as this, it is no wonder that the cassowary is dangerous. They can be so aggressive that they make rash and loud moves. This is a very bad tactic when stalking small prey. This is Canada, our home. This is New Guinea. They are even born deadly. The end Giant crest
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