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Philadelphia University


Kathleen Kissane

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University Meg Philadelphia Marcus Talk to our Students Silverspring, MD Collaborate Engaged
Learning Real-World
Application Professional & Liberal
Education Applying to PhilaU Learning outside the classroom Study Abroad Internships NBC...Merrill Lynch...Sixers
Philadelphia Museum of Art...IKEA
Burlington Coat Factory...Jones Apparel
etc...etc...etc... Rome...London...Hong Kong
Tokyo...Buenos Aires...Melbourne
etc...etc...etc... Online Student Journals Ask a Student Your job search starts on day 1 Career Services Merit Awards include your social security #
be prepared to be selected for verification (1/3 of people are)
list the school code for Philadelphia University: 003354 We are here to help! Resume Writing...Interview Skills
Behaviorial Based Interviews...Cover letters
On-campus interviewing...CareerLink
Professional Development Journal Our extended classroom Do you want the
Power To Do? Let us help. Giving YOU the
Power To Do Historically, nearly 90% of graduates gain employment or acceptance
into graduate school
within months of graduation. Philadelphia... Tuition: $30,356
Room: $4,862
Board: $4,972
Total: $40,190 Founded in 1884
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