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Counter Arguments

Guide for Using Counter Arguments in Persuasive Essays

Sarah k

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Counter Arguments

Finally Let's do this ourselves. “The best offense is a good defense.” What does that mean?

How might it apply to persuasive writing? Counter-Arguments A counter-argument is an argument AGAINST what you are actually trying to argue. It is used in an essay to anticipate what the opposition might say.

You set forth an argument that you don't agree with.

THEN, you disprove it. Some people argue that a dog is a superior pet because it can learn tricks, whereas a cat cannot. However, anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that cats can easily learn a wide range of skills and tricks. Counter-Arguments Work! They show that you have thought through your argument fully. They not only prove that the opposite side is wrong, they show that you are right!

DON'T make up facts.
DON'T argue something you don't know to be true.
DO make sure your counter-argument relates to your actual argument. Many have criticized New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to limit car traffic in midtown Manhattan, claiming it will make it impossible for them to arrive to work on time. While this concern is understandable, the huge amount of trains and buses makes commuting easy. In fact, a person driving a car is more likely to arrive late to work. It has been suggested that students will become distracted if they listen to music during class. This is clearly untrue. Today's students are able to concentrate on many things at a time, and listening to music
may even help some students complete
their work faster. What's Wrong With This Argument? The state police has begun to ticket
drivers who text while driving on the highway, arguing that texting while driving is a danger to themselves and others on the road. Although many agree with this law, no accident has ever occurred because of texting while driving. How about this one? Some students believe that Justin Bieber is a better recording artist than One Direction. However, the members of One Direction are much cuter than Justin Bieber, and therefore better musicians. Don't Make Up Facts This argument makes up a fact that you can't prove. The Counter-Argument and Argument Must Be Related The good looks of One Direction have nothing to do with how good of musicians they are.
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