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CRM - Intro and registration

No description

Remco Nijland

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of CRM - Intro and registration

CRM MIS What is CRM? Customer
Management Very, Very, Very
Broad Purpose of CRM Just a weird random
movie about Selling lemonade A TCA also allows:
- Users to create relationships between entities
- Have a universal data schema for customers, partners, suppliers and competitors across all company erea's B2B CRM
B2C CRM Customer Satisfaction
Complaints Management
etc Multichanneling Depending on organisation structure:
- unit production
- serie unit production
- mass production
- serie massproduction
- mass customization FOCUS ON REGISTER
CUSTOMER DATA What do you register of a customer when:
He buys a goldfish? What do you register of a customer when:
He buys a rabbit? What do you register of a customer when:
He buys a dog? What do you register of a customer when:
They want to adopt a child? View this as a manager....not only a salesperson.... Customer INFORMATION A waste of money Impact on your organisation? FOCUS ON:
- Learn about CRM
- Learn about MIS / CRM software

- Learn about the customer pyramid
- Learn about registering customers
- Learn about analysing a customer pyramid
- Learn about using a customer pyramid Example of UNSUCCESFULL CRM:
The ABN-AMRO "killed" all private banking during the 90's What is multi-channeling??? Exercise: What would you register??? When you want to collect:
Contributions for a sports club? What does Apple register for your
ITunes account? When you get fined (again)
by the dutch government Time for questions, first idea's on exercise and coordination of company visits..... Can you draw this??? Can you draw this?
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