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The Future. The World. The Earth's fate.

Ever wanted to be a hero? We can do it. But we need you. Let's not be the generation that destroy and trash the world, but the the ones who fix it. Let's be heros. Lets be saviours. Let us be Legends!

Toby Rankin

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of The Future. The World. The Earth's fate.

The Future What will it look like? Like this? Or this? In the future, will there be
time travel? Wormholes? Military Advances Robots In the future, we
will face challenges Food will be scarce Water will be gold War will occur Who will rise to the challenge? Who will solve the
problems we face? Will the world crumble? Will it fall to pieces? Or will a hero rise? Will someone take responsibility? Will anyone save us? Would anyone look for an answer? Problems in the World: WAR Greed Food and Water Shortages Global Warming Litter Electricity Car fuel Oil Hunger Abuse Deforestation Pollution Population Explosion Nuclear Weapons Slavery Genocides Terrorism Racism Oil Leaks Species Extinction So many problems So few answers So little time Help us To Help You To Make the world A Much Much Much Much Much Better Place Help Us By... Switching off Lights after you've been in rooms Giving a little to charity Being peaceful Food Do you really need
that much? Could
you compost anything?
Could you use a bin? Water Do you really need all
of that water to clean
your teeth? Could you
Turn the tap off? Treat others as you
want to be treated,
love others, and we
can fix what we're
in It cant be done alone But it CAN be done So let's be heros And make the world better For those who will
live after us Let us not be the generation
that trashed the Earth But the one that FIXED it Let's Be Hero's
Let's Have a Future
Let's become Legends graham is great!!
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