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Warriors don

No description

blessed collins

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Warriors don

Warriors Don't Cry
Thelma- Melba's class mate
Melba-Main character ( Little rock 9)
Minnijean- Melba's class mate
Ernie- Melba's class mate
Coretta-Melba's class mate
Danny- Melba's officer
Mrs. Pickwick- Melba's shorthand class teacher
The purpose of the story is to inform the audience about her experience of being 1 of the 9 black students to go to an all white school in the middle of segregated times.
ex1.There were a bunch of threats and names being thrown at the black students (in which most should not be said)
ex2."The crowd is moving fast. They've broken the barricade. These kids are trapped here."
Style and Tone
Serious tone. Hints of fear and sadness, but also hope and joy. Some style(s they use is dialog,

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.
our visual is a young girl sitting on a swing. She represents both sides of the war. Also we have the angel to represent the recent upcoming of the blacks. It could be considered the savior.

Amber's story- When i was at work, i had to run an art project by myself. When it was time for me to clean a parent came and asked me to let her daughter to do. I was being polite in letting her know that i couldn't because i had to put it away. She started to get like highly upset and saying rude things before leaving
Blessed story- When I was at a yard sell type of thing and some white lady started yelling at saying that i was stealing and that i belonged behind the table not in front of it. This was my experience with racism my connection would be text-to-self.
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