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Wireless Charging

No description

Max Dunn

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of Wireless Charging

Recharge Max Dunn Rudi Halbright Mike Weislik Thank you! Product Concepts Market Analysis Market Penetration Strategy Robotic arm Wireless $1.9 billion market in 2015 Gartner, J. & Wheelock, C. (2009). Electric Vehicles on the Grid. Pike Research Report. Wireless Charging
E&F Wireless EV Charging Coupler You got the automatic windows, didn't you? Wireless Power Technology Initiator (Dealer)
The influencer (Dealer)
The decider (Spouse)
The purchaser (Couple)
The user (Spouse) Actors Last Time . . .
Needs Results * EV charger auto plug-in system * Trial Survey Would you pay $2,000 for a wireless charging option so you don't have to plug in your EV? Our Survey Results? Paul Hawken "Try out your idea on friends. If they snicker and guffaw, you may be on to something." From "Growing a Business" From "Innovation, Product Development and Commercialization" Dr. Rafinejad "Customers may not always be able to articulate or recognize their needs." Price? $2,000 What is this? Trust me, in a year from now you will kick yourself if you don't get the automatic charger too! http://www.pluglesspower.com/Portals/0/demo-interior.swf Prototype Wii wireless charger
Modified for RC car Roadmap Timeline Conclusion Early adopters -> Dealers
Early majority -> Advertising to users
Late majority -> OEM to manufacturers
Wireless charging technology is feasible
Surveying won't be reliable
Key is to push at point-of-sale
Mockup If you forget to plug in
you may find yourself having
to take a cab to work! http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MjA0NDEyNDEzMA
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