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Emergent Group, Inc.

Marketing Plan

zahra momin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Emergent Group, Inc.

Marketing Plan Mission Statement Emergent Group Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, PRI Medical Technologies, Inc., provides mobile laser and surgical equipment in 16 states on a per-procedure basis to hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and physicians’ offices. Through expansion and the delivery of new cost-effective products, Emergent Group Inc. serves as the safest and most reliable option for medical equipment. Goals and Objectives Gaining "top of mind" status Establish a second headquarters Increase advertising capacity Improve customer service Increase brand identity Introduce new sales team Marketing Strategy Survey doctors and healthcare practitioners Focus on telephone and personal interviews Research Techniques Marketing Strategy Emergent uses a concentrated segmentation strategy Sorts its potential consumers through benefit segmentation Product Emergent Optical 1.1 Goal is to perform Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, better known as LASIK Digital operating system Product line extension Held to high safety standards Product Rentals: Come with company trained technicians
and warranties Upgrades Charge on a per procedure basis Placement and Distribution Products are delivered directly to the consumer Cover transportation and house products Products can be found at local showrooms and medical seminars/conferences Disintermediating in sales Price We are a sales-focused entity interested in maximizing sales and gaining market share Engaged in a price skimming strategy -selling product at a high retail price for early adopters Innovators will be able to purchase E.O 1.1 at a significant discount prior to launch Uses a market penetration strategy focusing on procedure volume Promotion Advertising Inform physicians, hospital staff, and medical technicians about the mobile laser and surgical equipment we offer We hold several seminars and conferences to increase customer familiarity with our product and service offerings Plan to provide extensive catalog Advertise in medical journals, scholarly publications, and the Internet Public Relations
Establish new brand identity by managing communications and relationships

Products for rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Provide trained technicians and representatives to help consumers
Announcing a exclusive line of laser equipment for personal ownership

This will increase credibility, brand awareness, enhance the brand’s reputation, and establish an advantage over the competitors

Special events and speeches in the 16 different states we serve

Sales Promotion Trial runs which will offer customers an opportunity to try out the medical equipment


Retaining loyal customers and providing outstanding customer service

Personal Selling Use of a direct sales force, which provides high quality service and products to customers to obtain customer accounts

Salespeople customize and communicate effectively to the potential buyer

Implementing a direct sales force that is based on relationship selling

Representatives will attend seminars and trade shows

Direct and Online Marketing Markets its products and services through direct mail marketing of literature and promotional materials

Introduce its new “Emergent” line of laser equipment through the use of catalogs

Target new customers through the use of online marketing

Added to medical directories Budget Implementation, Evaluation, and Control Focus on brand awareness and equity Monitor progress through sign-in sheets at conferences and mailing lists Recalls on products if there are deficiencies
Create products suited for more generic means Creation of new product and service offerings
Goal is to increase our rental equipment sales by 40% and sell 21 units of the Emergent Optical 1.1 by years end Campaign will also focus on turning out rental and purchase equipment from question marks to stars in our product portfolio matrix THE END By: THE EMERGENT GROUP Return on Investment Year 1
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