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joanna g

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Reign of James I
July 24th, 1567
February 19th, 1594
Henry Fredrick Stuart,
the first child of King
James I is born in Stirling
Castle, Scotland
November 23rd, 1589
Marries Anne
of Denmark
March 24th, 1603
Queen Elizabeth dies, and James is crowned
King James I of Ireland and England
King James I signs the Treaty of London, which marks the end of nineteen years of war between Spain and England
November, 1612
Henry, James's oldest
son, dies of typhoid fever at
age 18, leaving
Prince Charles his only heir
June 19th, 1566
March 2nd, 1619
James's wife, Anne,
dies at age 44
March 27, 1625
King James I dies at age 59
King James VI
of Scotland
July 6th, 1586
James and Elizabeth became allies under the Treaty of Berwick

His parents had a shaky relationship as Henry was a cruel, arrogant and egotistical man. In addition, he wanted the Crown Matrimonial, which would have given him equal power as his wife, the Queen. Mary refused.
While sailing for Scotland, Anne,
due to storms, was forced to the
coast of Scotland. After hearing
this, James, along with 300 men,
went to go fetch her.
November 5th, 1905
A Catholic plot to
overthrow James I
is discovered and
Known as the gunpowder plot, the plan was for the 5 conspirators; Robert Catesby, Thomas Wintour, Jack Wright Thomas Percy, and Guy Fawkes to blow up Parliament on November 5th to kill James I, and replace him with his daughter Elizabeth on the throne as a Catholic ruler. The plot failed, and the participants were executed. These events are commemorated annually on November 5th, known as Guy Fawkes Day. It was created by King James I to remind those of the consequences to traitors by burning a straw dummy meant to represent Guy Fawkes. This plot and a collection of other catholic plots made James I very prejudiced against Catholics, and ruined many others Catholics hopes of a King that would be more accepting.
The King James Bible is published
August 19th, 1596
Elizabeth Stuart,
Queen of Bohemia
and second child of
James I is born at
Dunfermline Palace, Fife
November 19th, 1600
The future King Charles I is
born at Dunfermline
Palace, Fife
James is born at Edinburgh
Castle, Scotland to Mary,
Queen of Scots, and Henry
Stuart, Lord Darnley
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