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What were the number of casualties in 9/11?

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Sienna Mills

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of What were the number of casualties in 9/11?

What were the number of casualties in 9/11?
There were 2996 killed !
What happened to the U.S military as a result of 9/11?
It has effected the military by the way they spend there money, the way they rank their women , and how it cares for them!
What happened to the rubel of the Twin Towers ?
They recycled it and made a battleship!
Whats the difference in Alqueda and Isis?
Isis's fighting more like a conventional army then Alqueda ever did. Isis is also employing more conventional military tactics,using assult, rifles, grenades. Alqueda has not sought to hold territory!
What laws were made ,or changed as a result of 9/11?
The (TSA) ,Bar Association , NSA Surveillance , U.S.A. Freedom Act , and tourism have changed or just been made as a result of 9/11!
As you can see 9/11 was a life changing event everyone !!!!!!!! It was almost one of the most depressing things known to man, especially if you were there when it happened, or knew someone was there!
September 1,2001
Was a bad day for all!!!!!
There was also over 6000 wounded!
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