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Product Lifecycle

No description

Dan Bettigole

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Product Lifecycle

By Dan Bettigole The Product Lifecycle: Wood Baseball Bats Raise and Extract Use Trees are cut down to make the bats out of. The most common trees are ash, maple, and hickory. Bamboo is also used for many different types of bats. Players have different preferences of bats because of different strengths and densities. The trees are cut into "blanks" and inspected to ensure the quality of the finished product. The wood dries until the moisture content in about 6%.
The "blanks" are milled down to the size that is desired and then weighed. The Process The milled bats are sent to a lathe where the profile of the bat is determined and cut. Bats can differ in barrel, handle, flare, and knob size and there can be over 10,000 different combinations. Each bat is then sanded so it is completely smooth and splinter-free. Manufacturing A finish is then applied to the bat to give it a specific color and to lengthen the bat's life. Finally, the bats are engraved with the company name, and, if customized, the player's name and number are also engraved. Manufacturing Continued The bats are distributed to their customer and begin to be used. Generally, when the bats are used by Major League Baseball players, the bats only last a few days at the maximum. When they are used by younger kids, they can last much longer. Recycle Baseball bats can't be reused as bats if they break, but they can be made into many art forms by companies which recycle wood to make other art. Chopsticks Rings Rocking Chairs Lamps Dispose Many wood bats are throws into the garbage which doesn't seem bad because it's just wood right? Actually, since the bat is unnaturally dried out and covered with a clear coat, the bat will not disintegrate like other wood and will sit in land fills for many years. Bibliography Chopsticks Recycled From Broken Baseball Bats Are A Hit. (n.d.). Retrieved 5 1, 2013, from Inventor Spot: http://inventorspot.com/articles/chopsticks_recycled_broken_baseball_bats_are_hit_41458
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