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The war in Africa

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Alyssa Cocroft

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of The war in Africa

The war in Africa started September 13, 1940 and ended May 13, 1943
Also known as the North African Campaign
Three phases: Western Desert Campaign, Operation Torch, and the Tunisia Campaign
Western Desert Campaign
Started when Marchal Rodolfo Graziani's italian 10 Army launched an attak from its bases in Libya
The attack outnumbered British forces
British counterattack in December in 1940 led by General Sir Archibuld Wavell
Italian defeat in Toruk in eastern Libya on January 22, 1941
Operation Torch
(Algeria-Morocco Campaign)
Begain November 8, 1942
American General Eisenhower commanded British and US forces to carry out this campaign
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March 24, 1941 Rommel launched an offensive that bypassed Toburk, and reached the Egyption border on April 14
Reorganized eighth army, consisted of Australian, British, Indian, South African, and free French soldies, attacked Rommel's positions in Operation Crusader
British drove Axis armies back into Libya, and forced Rommel to pull back on January 6, 1942
May 26, 1942 the German and Italian troops launched another offensive, Operation Venezia, that made them circle Toburk, and drive the Allied forces back to the border of Egypt
August 30, 1942 is when the Axis powers launched the final offensive of the Western Desert Campaign
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British Eighth Army crossed the border from Libya to Tunisia on Febuary 4
German and Italian troops routed the US Second at Kasserine Pass on Febuary 8, but they were outnumbered and outgunned by the US.
May 7, 1943 is when the British seventh Division captured Tunis, capital of Tunisia
The US II Corps captured Bizerte, the last remaining port in Axis hands
Axis forces suffered 40,000 casualties in Tunisia
267,000 German and Italian soldiers became prisoners of war
The War in Africa
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By: Alyssa Cocroft
Hour: 7
The Tunisia Campaign

Began with and Allied landing in Sfax in eastern Tunisia on January 5, 1943
Also began with an Allied attack on German positions at Gafsa in western Tunisia
Details :)
Three tasks forces landed on the beaches near Casablanca on the Moraccan Atlantic coast
Vichy France resisted at first, but a coup d' etat by the French resistance neutralized the French Corps on November 8, before the landings
The deputy for Eisenhower, General Clark, persuaded the Vichy High Comminsioner and the commander of the Vichy French armed forces to cease armed resistance in Oran and Moracco.
After, French joins the Allies
The landings triggered the Germans to occupy the unoccupied the zone in France, and the dispatch of German troops to Tunisia
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