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Louis Joseph de Montcalm

No description

izzy bell webley

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Louis Joseph de Montcalm

Basic Facts about the war!
Q:When was Louis born and when did he die?
A:Louis was born February 28,1712 and died September 14,1759.
Q: Where was Louis's place of burial?
A:Louis's place of burial was located at the Plains of Abraham made by a cannon from the British.
Q:Who did Louis have an allegiance with?
A:Louis had an allegiance with the Kingdom of France.
Louis Joseph de Montcalm
Table of Content's:-Basic Facts
-Why did Louis
and Wolfe start
a war?

-Which 4
nation's were
in the war?
-Who won the
-The Battle of
Quebec facts
-How would North America be different if Montcalm survived and won the war?

Advanced questions about the war
Q:Why did Montcalm and General Wolfe start a war?
A:Montcalm was trying to defend New France/Quebec while General Wolfe was trying to take over New France.The war was called The Battle of The Plains of Abraham but is also known as The Battle of Quebec.

Q:When did The Battle of Quebec start and finish,how many soldiers were on each side and where did it take place.
A:The battle took place right outside the walls of Quebec City that was owned by a farmer named Abraham Martin.The war started on September 13th,1759 and only lasted fifteen minutes with approximately 10,000 soldiers on each side.
Basic Facts about the war!
Q:What Louis's service/branch
A:Louis served the French Army
Q:How long did Louis serve the French Army?
A:Louis Joseph de Montcalm served the French Army from 1727-1759.
Q:What was Louis's rank in the French Army?
A:Louis's rank in the French Army was a Lieutenant General.
Q:What commands did Louis hold?
A:Louis held three commands.The first command being Regiment d' Auxerrois,the second being Regiment de Montcalm and the third command Louis held was a Commander in Chief.
Advanced Questions about the war
Q:Which 4 nations were fighting in the war?
A:During the war it was the British and the Americans versus the Canadians and the French.

Q:Who won the war?
A:In the middle of the battle the French evacuated the city and their remaining military force in Canada and the rest of North America came under pressure from British forces which meant the British and the Americans won the war

Q:How did Louis Joseph de Montcalm die during the war?
A:Montcalm died the next morning after receiving a musket ball below the the ribs and James Wolfe died a few minutes after receiving three guns shot wounds.

Q:How would North America be different
is Montcalm survived and won the war?
A:If Montcalm survived The Battle of Quebec
most of North America would probably be
speaking French.Montcalm and his French
army would most likely take over Britain.
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