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Message to EU Leaders: Show Leadership on Climate Change at COP 21 in Paris!

This prezi is my final project of the coursera course “Turn Down The Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided” by the World Bank. The target group are EU climate policy leaders and decision makers.

Katrin Heeren

on 1 November 2015

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Transcript of Message to EU Leaders: Show Leadership on Climate Change at COP 21 in Paris!

Message to EU Leaders: Show Leadership on Climate Change at COP 21 in Paris 2015!
Observations show us: climate change exceeds predictions
Despite international negotiations: emissions keep rising.

With business as usual, we are heading to a +4°C world.
The window of opportunity is NOW and only NOW
We must collaborate - climate change affects all of us.

EU to lead on Climate Action: Ambitious climate goals & meaningful support abroad
The EU Decision on climate matters to the world:
1. We need leadership, the EU has shown commitment in the past and has both the financial means and the historic responsibility
2. If the EU shows that an ecologic and energetic transformation of the whole society is possible, others will follow
3. The only way for the future: Energetic & ecologic transformation/revolution

The EU Decision on climate matters to Europe:
1. Europe starts to loose its leading role in renewable energy and is dependent on expensive energy imports
2. The EU will gain substantial financial benefits from shifting to a low-carbon economy first, on the contrary loose if others out-compete
3. Our world is interconnected - heavy impacts elsewhere affect us too.
Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity ever had to face
The costs for mitigation and adaptation increase with every year that we loose
The EU decision will matter for Europe and for the world and signal climate action or inertia

We need from our leaders:

Commitment, dedication & meaningful action for the energetic and ecologic transformation, for a world worth living for future generations.

Show leadership!
And do it now!
Science tells us: Human induced climate change is real!

Scientific consensus is higher than ever: 97%.
IPCC AR5 states: New scientific evidence supports previous predictions and even shows that impacts will be stronger than expected.

Sources: IPCC AR4, IPCC AR5, The Copenhagen Diagnosis, The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change by Naomi Oreskes

Sources: IPCC AR5; World Bank Report Turn Down The Heat, NASA Predictions 2100
We observe today faster changes in:
- sea-level rise (double speed)
- rapid arctic sea ice decline
- tipping points and irreversible
damage more likely
- frequency of wildfires
Timing matters:
CO2 stays in the atmosphere/oceans for centuries.

We can keep global warming below 2°C if, and only if, we start reducing emissions sharply by 2020 at latest!

It requires immediate action worldwide!

We missed this chance - for Copenhagen...
We missed the chance for Copenhagen...
Don't miss the chance for PARIS - COP 21!
Absolute change in mean annual temperature between control period 1961-1990 and 2071-2100, under the IPCC SRES scenario A2, IPCC 2007
We, the citizens are ready to change
Brussels Climate March - 21 October 2015
Photo: Guy Van de Berg
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