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Differences Between Victorian And Modern Times

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Thomas Battersea

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Differences Between Victorian And Modern Times

Victorian Vs Modern Times
Victorian Schools
Teachers were very strict those days, you would get caned or whipped for just a tiny mistake. Oh and that was a lucky punishment! Students wrote with metal pencils on slates which looked like little chalkboards. To rub out they would spit on it then wipe it with their sleeves. Schools mainly taught reading, writing and arithmetic and girls were sat seperately from the boys.
Modern Schools
Teachers these days are less strict and much nicer, we don't get punished as much and when we do we do not get caned or whipped. We write on notebooks using pencils or fountain pens while teachers use computers and interactive smart boards. We learn a lot more subjects such as science, games, art, drama, music etc... We sit at individual tables not benches and girls and boys sit next to each other.
Differences Between Victorian And Modern Times by
Leya Himani

Wealthy children played in their nurseries with wooden clockwork toys bought for them by their parents meanwhile poor children had to make their own toys with whatever they could find in their surroundings. They often played outside too, some of the popular games were hoops, marbels, hopscotch, skipping ropes, tag, crack the egg and musical chairs.

Most children nowadays go out and buy their toys and they also tend to play more with electronic gadgets such as computers, ipads and other types of game consoles. Children also like to play outside and do play similar games to victorian children.
There was no law forcing kids to go to school so most kids from poor back rounds had to work to help earn money for their famalies. They often worked long hours six or seven days a week in noisy factories, mills, and deep dark coalmines where they didn't get to see any daylight. This was very unhealthy for growing children as many of them died young. Some boys worked as chimeney sweeps while girls trained to be housemaids.
There are now laws that force children to go to school so the only work children are expected to do is chores to help out their parents around the house. Children are now valued more and are not forced to work in factories or coalmines where they would be risking their lives.
Victorian Adults

Modern Adults

Victorian Adults
Wealthy parents hired governesses [also known as nannies] to take care of their children for them which meant that they only saw their children once or twice a day. For fun when they got together adults enjoyed singing along the piano or other instruments. As a treat adults would take their kids to lantern shows.
Modern Adults

General Life
The poorer adults, like the children, worked in factories, coalmines and mills. Conditions were poor and because there was no proper medicine adults did not live as long as we do today. Also very often women died while giving birth to their children. The parents that needed it had lots of children for two reasons
1. To help out with earning money
2. Because not all children survived till adulthood.

General Life
Most adults now don't work in factories or mills or coalmines, instead they work in offices, banks, restaurants, shops and other places. Because of good medicine and better hygiene people live longer and not many mums die at child birth. This means parents no longer need to have as many children.
Adults nowadays do have nannies but also spend a lot more time playing with their children. As a treat adults take their kids mainly to cinemas and the park. As a treat for the parents however they go out for dinner, they also go to the cinema and the theatre. Because travel is so easy families go on many holidays abroad together.
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