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How Volleyball effects the body

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Haley Powell

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of How Volleyball effects the body

Haley Powell How Volleyball Effects the Body Works Cited Page The Effects of Spiking Spiking is where the body goes from a squat position, to a full position off the ground.
The muscles being used is the core, legs, chest, and shoulder muscles.
The motion of spiking helps lengthen the muscle of the back, shoulders, and abs.
It involves jumping, hopping up from the ground, diving, and forceful swinging of the arms.

These motions lead to high recruitment of muscle fibers throughout the body. Full Body Integration Setting is a less intensive part of volleyball but it has benefits to the body.
The muscles being used are the triceps and extensors muscles.
When the arms are coming downward towards the body, bending at the elbow, the triceps contract to push the pall back up into the air and are stretched when arms are fully extended. Setting the ball Diving for the Ball Diving involves a lot of muscle action.
The triceps are used to soften the blow after the ball has been hit back up
The biceps and chest are used when pushing the body back up off the ground. When serving a large amount of leg, hamstring, and chest muscles are used.

Serving in a running motion, means the body is forced into the air from one foot and the ball is hit with the opposite hand.

Serving helps to stretch the obliques and serratus muscles. Serving the Ball http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4673672_volleyball-improve-muscular-strength-flexibility.html
http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/36Hs8k0A5jo/Olympics+Day+4+Beach+Volleyball/-KdFZRmCAZy/Misty+May-Treanor Using Your Forearm
The main muscles being strengthened when using the forearm is the trapezius muscles and the anterior deltoids. Playing volleyball affects your body fat percentage and the muscle ratio of the entire body.

45 minutes of volleyball burns up to 585 calories, which results in weight loss over a long period of time.

This reduces the risks of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. Burning Calories While Playing Volleyball The physical activities involved in playing volleyball will strengthen your upper body, arms, and shoulders as well as the muscles of the thighs and lower legs.
Playing volleyball also strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Improvement of the Muscular System Playing volleyball effects the body's metabolic rate. It increases your energy level which improves your overall performance.
Also, volleyball improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens and develops reflexes. Volleyball improves mental health and enhances the health of the bones and joints. Additional Benefits History of Volleyball
The sport originated in the United States.
William G. Morgan blended the sports of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. He called it Mintonette. How to Position Your Body At all times have your body into position so that when the other team serves the ball you'll be ready to move to the ball, and pass it.

Place your feet in a wide but comfortable position.

Hold your hands in front of you slightly to your sides. Volleyball Players Diet Volleyball players need to maintain a healthy diet to better their physical performance and avoid injuries.

They need to take in plenty of carbohydrates and proteins because that's the muscles energy source.

Avoid fatty-meats, deep-friend food, fast food, and sweets. Playing volleyball burns over 200 calories an hour in a 155 pound person.
Exercising on sands burns 20-50% more calories then on hard surface, because your muscles need to adjust and work harder in the sand. Burning Calories Continued
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