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Coffee Express BizCafe Presentation

For BUS 150 - Contemporary Business Practices

Iun Chen

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Coffee Express BizCafe Presentation

A BizCafe Presentation
Coffee Express
The Start-Up:
Financial Ups and Downs:
Pros and Cons:
The Outcome:
Future Plans:
Stabilize pricing
Will help with estimation of sales
Continue $0.50 off coupons and weekly marketing to increase brand awareness even more
Use a better system to make coffee purchases
Maintain gradual increase in wages for servers and managers
Server wages + $0.20/hour
Manager wages + $25/week
Keep store hours the same
The Strategy
The Team
The Look
Group Members:
Kendra Bradley
Iun Chen
Sol Dayan
Dunkin Donuts
Modern Theme
AutoFour High Capacity
1 server = 10 hours per week
20 servers
4 servers per hour
2 managers at all times
No advertising
No promotions
Focus was on quality of coffee and pricing
Started with prices too high
Went from rank 2 (p. 1) to rank 7 (p. 8)
Made too many changes in prices
Could have been more financially sound if prices were set right from the start
Prices slightly decrease, significantly drop in period 5, then gradually increase again
Did not start marketing until period 3
Brand awareness almost always last
Ranked 6 for majority of time
0.0 awareness to 81.8 awareness
6th place (p. 1) to 5th place (p. 8)
Either bought and wasted too much coffee or didn't have enough
Never accurate in estimation
Majority of marketing focused on newspaper promotions - $0.50 off
Always 1st or 2nd place in wages
Store Hours
Open an average of 81 hours/week
Customer Service
Four stars in price, ambiance, and service
From 6th place (p.1) to 3rd place (p.8)
Baked Goods
Made a profit with sales
Total items sold: 2,279
40% of expenses on wages
Rank 2 on manager pay
Rank 1 on server pay
Using expense money on boosting customer service
Final manager wage: $675/week
Final server wage: $9.40/hour
Cup Sales
Rank 6 (p.1) to rank 2 (p.8)
Although two periods of decrease, generally went up
Gradually increased but then decreased
Cumulative revenue 5th place throughout simulation
Ratio of price increase to number of cups sold makes revenue lower than before
Net Income
Always fluctuating drastically
No set average or medium
Based on different changes in revenue and especially expenses
Need to improve decision-making
Customer service is good, but need to focus elsewhere
Functions such as purchases
Marketing brought us to the bottom from the start
Tough to make our way up afterwards
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