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The Black Death

Year 8 History

Leanne Filmer

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The Black Death

The Black Death
a term used

to describe the outbreak of plague that swept through Europe from Asia and Africa in the mid 14th century CE
For the next five weeks of this term you will be working independently on this Black Death depth study. Some tasks are compulsory, some aren't.
As you complete a task show it to me. You will be assessed on a variety of criteria including
knowledge and understanding shown through the depth and accuracy of your answers
historical skills displayed through your; explanations, analysis and use of sources, interpretation of information and communication of knowledge
independent study skills
Number 2
Must Dos
Collect a copy of 'The Port of Death'
Read through all of the information. Choose six points and rewrite them in your own words.
BONUS - how many rats can you find?
Research the following words associated with The Black Death. Use all resources available to you to find and record the meaning of each of the words (as they relate to The Black Death)
Creatively present your knowledge............
You could create a crossword, a board game a film clip etc
All the words listed need to be included BUT you could add other related words.
Word Bank
quarantine miasma unhygienic contagious pestilence serfs virulent fetid pandemic buboes plague siege chronicler vector feudal-system nobility pathogen
Find and record the origins of the word
Quick Task
The Grim Reaper
Horrible Histories 1
The Plague Report
Horrible Histories 2
The Black Death Song
Horrible Histories 3
In a mixed sex group of three or four students write a play script for your own Black Death-based Horrible Histories skit.

Choose one aspect of The Black Death on which to focus
Research your area of focus
Commence writing your script - make sure you include the Rat character so that facts are highlighted in your skit
If you would like, I can set up a GoogleDoc for your group so you can all be involved in the script writing process - see me to organise this
Have your script checked

by me
Source costumes and props - these need to be organised before filming
Practise your skit and then film it
Download your skit into 'Work to be marked'
Horrible Histories
Number 3
Use information from 'The Port of Death' and pg 292 of 'Oxford Big Ideas' to state the three main reasons why the The Black Death pandemic spread so quickly.
Add this to your notes, include a clear heading.
Read through the information from Source 7.28 on page 314 of 'Oxford Big Ideas'
Find an image of a plague doctor and either draw it or print it.
Label a minimum of four parts of the image and explain their function.
Number 4
Copy out the words from the Black Death poem in the Youtube clip attached.

Add new Black Death specific words to the Word Bank task.

Try to memorise and recite the poem.
STEP 1 Choose an area of interest from medieval society, it does not have to relate to The Black Death, but it can.
STEP 2 Decide on three to four questions you would like to find out more about.
STEP 3 Discuss the questions with me before moving to the next step.
STEP 4 Commence research into your interest area, focusing on your questions.
STEP 5 Create a bibliography and keep an on going record of sources you have used.
STEP 6 Decide on a way that you will present what you have found out to the class. Be creative!

Creative Piece
You could.....
create a replica or model of an artefact
write a poem
paint a picture
write an essay
compose and sing a song
write a story or play script
present a speech
DUE DATE - Friday Week 7
What is the origin of the children's nursery rhyme 'Ring a ring of roses' and what did the words traditionally relate to?
The statement 'Bring out your dead' could regularly be heard in the streets of London during The Black Plague. Explain what a person could do if they heard this. Why did people have to resort to this?
This is your final task.
Don't start working on this until you have attempted the other tasks.
Number 5
As you research The Black Death keep a list of the symptoms, preventative methods and many different treatments and possible cures that were used to try to combat the disease.
Number 1
This task can be completed with a partner.
The following points need to be researched and a series of dot points created to highlight the most important information.
Student 1 of the pair is to find out about the spread of The Black Death from Asia to Europe. A labeled map is required. Pages 306 to 311 of 'Oxford Big Ideas' will give you all the answers.
Student 2 of the pair needs to find out how The Black Death was contracted (caught). Include information about the pathogen, vector and living conditions that aided the spread. Diagrams would help this explanation.
Record and share your information with each other.
Check out the following three Horrible Histories skits.
Create a newspaper (2 - 3 pages) that could have been in circulation during the middle ages. Include the following:
A title – make up a name eg. The Medieval Chronicle
Two short articles based on the Black Death or life in the middle ages
Two advertisements for cures/any other medieval topic
Jokes or cartoon section
Deaths and births section – other personal notices
A weather report

Your newspaper should look like a “real” newspaper, use information you learnt about newspapers in English to help you. Be neat and creative and add other aspects that would make your newspaper stand out!
Horrible Histories
Measly Middle Ages
Have a quick read of the 'Dreadful Diseases' chapter of The Horrible Histories - Measly Middle Ages book.
You will find lots of answers to questions in these pages!
Do you know...............
how The Black Death spread from Asia to Europe and Africa?
the causes and symptoms of The Black Death?
examples of treatments used to combat the Black Death?
the long and short term effects of The Black Death on individuals and the society?
View this 12 minute Youtube clip to assist you with Number 1
The Black Death
The worst plague in history
Number 6
Choose one of the topics below, research it and write 8 - 10 dot points to explain the long term impact of The Black Death on your chosen topic.
peasant uprising
weakening of the feudal structure
regulation of wages

You need to complete either the
Newspaper Report
or the
Word Bank

(or both if you are really keen!)
Once you are confident you can answer these questions, organise a time to chat to me so that I can check your knowledge and understanding of The Black Death
Spend time looking through this Prezi so that you know everything that is involved in this Depth Study.
You will have
home work time and
of our History lessons for the next five weeks of term to complete this study.
Make sure you focus on the
Must Dos,
but other than the Horrible Histories task

you do not HAVE to complete the tasks in any particular order.
If you have any questions ask me for help
Most tasks are to be submitted independently, unless stated otherwise but I am happy for you to collaborate with others to share your knowledge and understanding.
Once you have finished a section submit it to me for checking off on the Assessment Record Sheet.
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