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Copy of Brigandage Act

No description

Tiffany Mendoza

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Brigandage Act

Brigandage Act of 1902 Reason: Benefits of Filipinos It would be easier for
them to govern the
country Due to the development of America, many Filipinos also agree with Brigandage Act because it will help to preserve the inclusion of the Philippines and America that others hoped for. What is the Brigandage Act of 1902? prohibited the Filipinos from forming or joining any organization or nationalist movement and relegated all armed resistance against the Americans as pure banditry law implemented on the 12th of November,1902 The penalty that can be imposed on an individual can reached death What is Brigandage Act? laws enacted by the Philippine Commission during the American Colonial rule in the Philippines Why did the Americans
implemented it in the Philippines? What did the Americans
benefit from this? it would be easier for the Americans to govern the country Benefits Americans get It will lessen the ones opposing to the Americans for fear that you may be penalized Much more easier and efficient to do their plans in the country What about the
Filipinos? What does the Filipino
benefit this? Questions
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