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Islamic Jihad

Terrorist Group

Courtney Gaskins

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad aka: al-Dijihad al-Islami
Islmaic Jihad Group of Uzbekistan Attacked a popular bazaar and police at roadway checkpoints, took resonsibility of killing 47 people Suicide bombings in the United States and Isreal. First introduced suicide bombings to East Asia They were caught before they were able to set 1,200 pounds of TNT on unidentified US embassies 3 members were arrested in Pakistan for putting 3 rockets in United States embassies Claimes responsbility for all activities via the web Stated Goals:
Anti-western theology, opposes the secular rule in Uzbekistan
Replace the current regime with government based on Islamic law
Declared enemy: United States Established: March 2002 Leader: Ebu Yahya Muhammed Fatih Base of operations: Germany Has never tried to settle matters diplomatically, they feel that the only way to destroy the United States and return the correct regime is through violence. Weapons of use:
any homemade bombs
guns, any weapons they can get a hold of
Recruits any members against
the United States and supports
the islamic law
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