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Pakistani Canadians

No description

Arhum Cool Guy

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Pakistani Canadians

Pakistani Canadians
Some of them went back after completing their education
1- Most of them got a job and stayed in Canada.

2- Few got married and stayed in Canada.

3- Some of them just liked Canada and decided to stay
1- Some Pakistani professionals with a high education came to find a job.

2- Some Pakistanis came to Canada to start a business.
Sponsored are family and friends of Canadians
Settlement Community
There were many hardships for the new Pakistanis
There were also many advantages for the Immigrants
Some Pakistanis had trouble with speaking the new languages: English and French
The Climate change was also hard since Pakistan has modrate weather
People also need to upgrade their education to get professional jobs
Some Pakistanis had a hard time finding a job
New immigrants don't have much family and friends to ask advice from
The Charter of Rights gave the immigrants freedom
There were also better opportunities for the new immigrants
1- Better Job opportunities.
2- Better education.
3- Better business opportunities.
Better standard of life
Peace and security
By: Arhum Farhan
The distance from Pakistan to Canada is 10,381 Km.
Green Portion is Pakistan.
Purple portion is Canada.
How did Pakistani Community impact the Canadian Identity?
The origins of the current Pakistani culture can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization, which was contemporaneous with the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations, around 5500 years ago.
The Pakistani Community started immigrating to Canada in the mid 19th century.
Initially Pakistanis came for higher Education
The sources I used to research were:




Dr. Naweed Syed – the first person to "connect brain cells to a silicon chip". He estimates science-fiction type 'Machine-Men' may be developed within 10 to 20 years, using his silicon chip.
Munir A. Sheikh is a economist, academic and the former Chief Statistician of Canada.
Rukhsana Khan is a Pakistani Canadian children's writer and storyteller, whose stories have enabled children of all cultures to connect with cultures of Eastern origins.
Sports players-
Obby Khan – an offensive lineman of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Mian Hussain- Canadian professional boxer.
Umar Bhatti- Canadian cricket player.
Adnan Sami- professional singer and pianist.
Roach Killa – is a Toronto-based rapper.
Zarqa Nawaz – a director and producer. Famous for her CBC serial Little Mosque on the Prairie.
Media and Entertainment-
Wajid Khan – former member of the Canadian House of Commons.
Shafiq Qaadri – member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and Alberta.
Members of Pakistani Community Actively participated in Canadian Politics.
Several Pakistanis played important roles in the field of Academics.
Some Pakistanis Also played prominent roles in Canadian sports.
There are also Pakistanis in media and entertainment field.
The software I used to make this Presentation was

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