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The Red Baron

The Red Baron will destroy Lumpy Pantito

Jackson Landry

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of The Red Baron

Manfred von Richthofen was born on May 2nd 1892 in Breslau, Germany. (now Wrocław, Poland.)into a prominent Prussian aristocratic family. Early Life The Red Baron TIMELINE He had an elder sister and two younger brothers. He enjoyed riding horses and hunting as well as gymnastics. He and his brothers, Lothar and Bolko, hunted wild boar, elk, birds, and deer. He started military training when he was 11. After completing training he was asigned to the number 3 squadron. Early War Service When World War I began, Richthofen served as a cavalry reconnaissance officer on both the Eastern and Western Fronts, seeing action in Russia, France, and Belgium. Disappointed and bored at not being able to directly participate in combat, the last straw for Richthofen was an order to transfer to the army's supply branch. He then applied for transfer to The Imperial German Army Air Service. He is supposed to have written in his application for transfer "I have not gone to war in order to collect cheese and eggs, but for another purpose". In spite of this unmilitary attitude, and to his own surprise, his request was granted, and he joined the flying service at the end of May 1915. Jasta 11 In January 1917 he assumed command of the fighter squadron Jasta 11 that includeed some of the most elite members of the German Air Force. That same month, after his 16th confirmed kill, Richthofen received the Pour le Mérite (informally known as "The Blue Max). On 6 July 1917, during combat Richthofen sustained a serious head wound, causing instant disorientation and temporary partial blindness. He regained consciousness in time to ease the aircraft out of a free-falling spin and executed a rough landing in a field within friendly territory. There is a theory linking this injury with his death. Death Richthofen was fatally wounded just after 11:00 am on 21 April 1918, while flying over Morlancourt Ridge, near the Somme River well pursuing novice Canadian pilot, Lieutenant Wilfrid "Wop" May. It was almost certainly during this final stage in his pursuit of May that Richthofen was hit by a single .303 bullet, which caused such severe damage to his heart and lungs that it must have produced a very speedy death. In 2009, Richthofen's death certificate was found in the archives in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. The document, which is a one-page, handwritten form in a 1918 registry book of deaths, misspells Richthofen's name as "Richthoven" and simply states that he has "died 21 April 1918, from wounds sustained in combat. Born 2 May 1892 Began Military Training Began at age 11 School attended a school in Schweidnitz Squadron Became a member of Jasta 11 in 1917 Death Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen died on 21 April 1918 Here is the trailer for The Red Baron movie By: Jackson, David and Alastair Fun Fact - The name Manfred means Man of peace. Manfred was named after his great uncle who had been a senior officer in the Prussian Army Thanks for watching our presentation on The Red Baron and we hoped you enjoyed it and learned something new.
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