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Financial Clerk

Piedrola,Wilber and Wright

Elysia Piedrola

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Financial Clerk

I am a financial clerk What do they do? Work Enironment How do you become a financial Clerk? Some of the things that Financial clerks do are keep and update financial records,compute bills and charges,offer customer assistance, and carry out financial transactions. If you would like to become a financial clerk then I would suggest to have your high school diploma,although some employer prefer candidates with a 2 or 4 year college degree in business or econ. The medium wages for financial Clerk occupation in May 2010 as followed;
$40,160- Brokerage Clerk
$36,790- Procurement Clerk
$36,330- Payroll/ Time Keeping Clerk
$36,760- Insurance Claim Clerk
$33,970- Loan Clerk
$32,490- Credit Clerk
$32,170- Billing/ Posting Clerk
$30,440- New Account Clerk
$25,690- Gaming Cage Workers Similar Occupations Job Outlook Bill and Account Collectors:recover payments on overdue bills
Bookkeeping/Accounting Clerk:record financial transactions,update statements and check financial records.
Gaming service occupation: Tend slot machines,deal cards,take bets and pay out winnings.
Information Clerk: provide administration/clerical support,maintain records,collect data/info,and respond to question and concerns from customers.
Tellers:Processing transactions,cashing checks,depositing money and collecting loan payments. Many people say that the job outlook for a Financial Clerk is very good due to the fact that many clerks are leaving this occupation. Professional Organizations you could join. Some of these organizations are american Bankers Association, Insurance Information Institute, and Mortgage Bankers Association. Job Posting Payroll clerk in Atlanta Georgia for
$8.00-$12.00 per hour,Payroll Clerk Job Purpose: Pays 1099 Independent Contract Workers by receiving invoices or time sheets, verifying invoices or time sheets, calculating pay and deductions; issuing checks via online payroll system. Submit invoices for payment from various Motor / Auto Clubs via websites. Reconciliation of incoming pay. Complete reports and other related payroll duties.
Payroll Clerk Job Duties:

Collects invoices or timesheets from our online inovoicing system, fax or email.
Verifies invoices to determine if the service was completed or if a GOA was issued and approve for payment.
Verifies office staff timesheets for accruacy and to approve for payment.
Prepares reports by compiling summaries of earnings and deductions.
Resolves payroll discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information.
Provides payroll information by answering questions and requests.
Maintains payroll operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.
Maintains employee confidence and protects payroll operations by keeping information confidential.
Skills/Qualifications: Analyzing Information , Data Entry Skills, Attention to Detail, Confidentiality, Thoroughness, General Math Skills, Financial Software, Reporting Skills, Verbal Communication, Organization In 2010 Financial Clerks held about 1.4 million jobs.
Financial Clerks work in a office setting; including bank branches,medical offices,and government agencies.
most financial Clerks work full-time. Billing and Posting Clerks worked part-time in 2010.
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