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Courtney Joseph

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is the Boys Town Model? Level System Understanding
the Point System Striving For Success Students with an Emotional Disability or referral to program
Individualized social skills training
One-on-one interventions
Accepting consequences
Establishing expectations Daily Points
ALL students begin on this level

2nd level of motivational system

The last and final level! "off card" Points for positive behavior

Points for academics

Purchasing Bonds
( purchase next level of the motivational system)

Point Penalties and earn backs

Teaching Interactions (TI)

Reinforcements! Point Store BOYS TOWN MODEL SIXTEEN BASIC SOCIAL SKILLS 1. Following Instructions
2.Accepting Criticism or a Consequence
3. Accepting "No" for an Answer
4. Greeting Others
5. Getting the Teacher's Attention
6. Making an Apology
7. Talking with others
8. Giving Compliments
9. Making a Request
10. Disagreeing Appropriately
11. Giving Criticism
12.Resisting Peer Pressure
13. Accepting Compliments
14. Volunteering
15. Reporting Other Youth's Behavior
16. Introducing Yourself One-on-One Intervention RULES Student is sent to intervention
Student has to earn their way back into the classroom
State what they did wrong
In the future, ____
Ask if the person accepts their apology
Ask if they missed any work Purpose: Skills needed to be successful in life
The 3 P's (Pre-teach, Practice, & Praise)
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