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Analytical Chemistry Technology for POP

No description

silja makinen

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Analytical Chemistry Technology for POP

Analytical Chemistry Technologist works in a chemistry lab pharmaceutical forensic environmental food industry agriculture pulp & paper cosmetics mining & metallurgy research labs teaching labs What's in a sample?

How much of it? Separation of the components by chromatography why Chromatography Activity Part One:
Black is Black - Right? What To Do - Part One 1) Cut a strip of paper towel or filter paper so that it fits inside the cup 2) Draw a line about 1 cm from the bottom of the paper with a pencil 3) Make small dots with different black markers on the line. Don't let the dots touch each other! 4) Pour a bit of water at the bottom of the cup What kinds of analyses can be done at...? Who Wrote The Note? Cobalt Chromium Copper Manganese 5) Hang the paper strip with tape on a marker so that the bottom of the strip is just in the water. Don't let the marker dots touch the water! 6) Allow the water level to rise and see what happens to the marker dots! beakers or cups


white paper towel or coffee filter

water-soluble black markers Part Two
Who Wrote The Note? 1) In this part, one of the students in each group will write a note. The groups exchange notes, and you get to be the detective who discovers who in the other group wrote the note! anabolic steroids
growth hormone
diuretics Test for: The athlete tests positive and loses the medal An Example of Chromatography in Sports: Doping Tests Sample for Doping Test Sample analyzed using a chromatography instrument The components of the doping sample separate in the chromatography column (similarly to the paper towel in your experiment). Each separated component forms a peak in the graph below. The components are identified based on the time they appear in the graph. How does one analyze a mixture? To find out more about how to become an Analytical Chemistry Technologist, go to http://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/programs/science-medical-studies-and-engineering/laboratory-technology-analytical-chemistry/program-home-page Laboratory Technology - Analytical Chemistry at Dawson College, Montreal More information about the profession can be found at http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/noc/english/noc/2011/QuickSearch.aspx?val65=2211 Coloured markers were used in this example Materials: 2) Each student chooses a different black marker. Make a list of who has which kind of marker. 3) One of the students in your group will write a note on paper towel. Exchange these notes, and your lists of names and markers with another group. 4) Analyze the note you received using paper chromatography, and identify which marker was used to write the note. When you know which marker it was, you will find the person who wrote the note. ...fields of chemistry
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