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2nd grade Penguin Presentation

Presentation tool for student who are starting a penguin project, helps with choosing a penguin to research.

Courtney Adams

on 3 December 2011

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Transcript of 2nd grade Penguin Presentation

Who wants to learn a little about the penguins
you can choose for your penguin project? Where would you like to start? Different Species Habitat Food Did you know there are 17 different
species of penguins? Raise your hand if you
thought there was only 1. Adelie Penguin "Penguins of Madagascar" Penguins We Do! Species it is! Species are different sorts or kinds of creatures. I have an idea, let's take a
penguin species walk! Ready, Set, Go!! You may have seen this handsome guy
on a little show called...... Penguins of Madagascar! African Penguin See! Yes, penguins can live
in Africa! Chinstrap Penguin He looks a little like a
soldier penguin! Emperor Penguin You've seen
him in.... Erect-crested Penguin Fiordland Penguins Get ready for some serious hair-dos! Macaroni Penguin Hungry?
Well you will be after this penguin! Rockhopper Penguin Snare Penguin This rockstar can be seen in the movie
SURFS UP! Galapagos Penguins The Galapagos Islands
is where he lives. Wouldn't you like to live here? Love the hair, but let's move on! Gentoo Penguin Humbolt Penguin Little Penguin These are the adults!
How can you resist them! Magellanic Penguin Yellow-eyed Penguin King Penguin Even though he is the King (penguin), he still isn't the biggest. So...have you found a penguin that
you would like to research?
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