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Tech Center 10-17-10-21

No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Tech Center 10-17-10-21

Today's Learning Target 10-17-13
I can identify and use relevant evidence.
I can compose a counterclaim.
I can supply evidence to support my counterclaim.
I can compose a rebuttal and supply evidence for support.
Research Relevant Evidence
1. Think about what type of evidence you need to support the calls to action in your claim.
2. Go to the weebly website: http://www.mybrotherskeeperproject.weebly.com
and research evidence that you can use to support each call to action.
3. Write the quotes in the appropriate branches of your tree map.
4. You will have 10-15 minutes to complete this research.

1. Think about a possible counterclaim to your own claim.
2. Write the counterclaim in your tree map.
3. Research evidence using the weebly, to support the counterclaim.
4. Think about a possible rebuttal to the counterclaim.
5. Research evidence using the weebly to support your rebuttal.
6. By the end of the period your tree map should be completed. You are responsible to have this ready by tomorrow.
Classifying Your Evidence
1. Write your claim at the top of the tree map.
2. Write your 2 or 3 calls to action in spaces on the tree map.
3. Re-read your evidence and reasoning from your weebly handout.
4. Decide which evidence you can use to support each call to action and write it under the correct branch of the tree map.
Today's Learning Target 10-18-13
I can compose an argument essay.
Tech Center 10-17-10-21
Counterclaim and Rebuttal
Argument Rubric
Using Your Outline
1. Scan the outline to see how your essay will be organized.
2. Begin typing while using your outline to show you what to write next.
3. Using this outline will insure that you write well structured paragraphs and use reasoning and evidence to support your claim.

Status of the class
What is your next step?

Completing my tree map OR writing my essay
Today's Learning Target 10-21:
I can compose an argument essay
Follow these steps to complete this assignment:

1. When finished typing your essay, revise using RADaR: Replace, Add, Delete, and Reorder.

2. Edit your writing using the 5 edit passes:

Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization, Words left out or misused,

SoW focus:
: a comma is placed BEFORE the word:
for, and, nor, but, or yet, so
. Remember, these are coordinating conjunctions that join two independent clauses to make a compound sentence!)

5. Complete your 5 star Student Self Assessment ("After" part and reflection)

*This essay will be due Friday 10-25 (typed copy, tree map, pink argument 5 star, yellow rubric)
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