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Jean Augustine.

No description

shannon brown

on 22 February 2017

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Transcript of Jean Augustine.

Jean Augustine.
early life
Jean was born september 9 1937, she lived in st. George Grenada in the village of happy hill, jean was the daughter of olive and ossie simon, ossie was was a sugarcane-plantation worker, but sadly died before she was 1 because of tetanus also known as jawlock which is a muscle spasm which starts in the jaw than spreads all through the rest of the body, the family was shook, Jean was very little and her mother was pregnant with her second child, the family was than adopted by an older women in the village who they called granny, jean came to Canada in 1959 and worked as a domestic and shoe clerk before earning an Ontario teacher certificate, after completing a master education degree jean became a school principle.
before moving to Canada jean won a scholarship to a local Roman Catholic school where she earned top grades, during her high school years she founded an all girls band and hosted her own youth program on a radio station before graduating a year early. Her first job was a school teacher in Grenada.
becoming famous
Jean is famous for being the first black women to be in the parliament of Canada, and working really hard through out her journey and blocking out all the haters she has inspired many and is loved by many also for having a part of helping get together black history month.
our feelings.
Hi it's Shannon and Jailynn here, today we will be talking to you about the honorable Jean Augustine, we will be talking to you about her early life, her childhood, her life right now, her later life, and how we exactly feel about this women. we hope you enjoy! :)

not much childhood information but here's what we found
Jean was the first African American women to be elected in the parliament of Canada representing the Etobicoke-lakeshore riding in Ontario, she also was a secretary to prime minister Jean chretien and a deputy speaker, also the first black women in the federal cabinet, she helped with a campaign to have February known as black history month to educate all Canadians about black heritage. so clearly jean was more focused on her own life and wasn't looking to be married or have children.
we feel like this girl really gave black people more confidence to do things and we think that she is a really strong fighter and that she didn't give up on anything
we hope you enjoyed our prezi :)
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