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Esther DeVries

No description

Esther DeVries

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Esther DeVries

Ways Rome Developed in the West
Monarchy to Republic The last king of Rome was Targuinis Superbus

Republic to Empire
509 BC - 28 AD Roman leaders came to dominate the political arena that they exceeded the limitations of the republic:

Empire to Divided Empire
28 AD - 285 AD Rome controlled about 6.5 million square kilometers of land.

Divided Empire to Barbarian Kingdoms
285 AD - 476 AD The Western Empire fell because they were plagued by interal instability.
Attacked by various migrating people. His son Sextus was allowed to rape Lucretia who was a Roman Patrician. After she refuse to copulate with him Sextus treatened her by saving that he would kill a slave then kill her placing their bodies together to create a scandal. Lucreatia told her family about the treat and committed suicide to aviod any scandal.
Her kinsman summoned the senate and had Tarquinius and the monarchy expelled from Rome. Julius Caesar was appointed as a dictator. The defeat of Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium. Roman's Senate Granted Power to Augustus under the First Settlement. In the late 3rd century AD Diocletain est6ablished the pratice of dividing authority between four co- emperors in order to better secure vast territroy which was often divided along the East/ West. After the death of TheodosiusI it was divided for the last time. The Eastern Empire lasted about a millennium after the fall of the Western Empire.
Until they were finally annexed by the emerging Turkish Ottoman Empire. Esther DeVries
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