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No description

cheryl manley

on 20 December 2012

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Kitchen Fire place Background My log cabin is a single room where the kitchen is the most important place. Kitchen utensils were made of wood. we use tables and stools as we did not have chairs. We light up our room with candles or oil lamps. We eat and spend time together in our single room. We cook our meals on the fireplace. The fireplace provides us with warmth in all weather conditions. Natasha's Heritage The floor in my log cabin is
made up of dirt and wooden sticks. The Farm Next to my log cabin, I have a farm

Meet my friends:

Chelsea the cow
Danny the pig
Mary the rabbit
Kate the horse and
Ashley the sheep Conclusion I had a great experience in learning and understanding how the pioneers lived in the earlier times. Glossary The earliest settlers who made their homes in the wilderness were known as Pioneers. My home is important to Pioneers community because we could own the land and the land was free from the government. Construction Materials The Floor Shoebox, construction papers, kitchen items, fireplace, food items, dirt and wooden sticks, toilet paper rolls, cardboard, a candle, farm animals, glue stick and scissors.


My home is a single room with two windows and a door for entrance and exit. My home is made up of wooden logs. Welcome to Natasha's Heritage, an ancient home set in the Pioneer village. 1. Pioneers: The earliest settlers who made their homes in wilderness

2. House: Place where people stay

3. Heritage: Inherited from ancestors

4. Ancient: Old

5. Background: Preface
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