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Cessna Aircraft

No description

Zhibin Yang

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Cessna Aircraft

Cessna Aircraft
Should we launch a new pilot training program that face to women?
Which group of women that program will face to?
Would this program is profitable?
Would this program bring in new customers?
How many women are interested in pilot training programs?
Would more women enroll if more trainers were women?
Is there enough marketing and information available to convince more women to enroll in the programs?
Is the pilot training program being marketed mainly to the male market?
Could there be incentives for women to enroll?
Gather more information on why more women don’t enter the program. Hypothesis: Women do not want to be a pilot because they want to spend more time on their family
How could the program appeal to and motivate more women to consider or inquire about such programs. Hypothesis: Women trainers will attract more women to enroll pilot program.
Moreover, there are several specific market segments which include wives of pilots, businesswomen, women who have the income and desire to travel for pleasure, and young women who seek future employment as corporate aircraft pilots. Hypothesis: Wives of pilots, businesswomen, women who have the income and desire to travel for pleasure, and young women who seek future employment as corporate aircraft pilots, all those kind of women will more likely to enroll pilot program.
Recognize the problem or opportunity.
Find out why the information is being sought.
Understand the decision making environment.
Use the symptoms to help clarify the problem.
Translate management problem to marketing research problem.
Determine whether the information already exists.
Determine whether the question can be answered.8.) State the research objectives




In conclusion, the main problem of Cessna Aircraft is that potential market opportunities may not be

fully exploited for the company. The company clearly lists the identification of its market problems and

sets up the marketing research objectives. For Cessna Aircraft, the woman pilot-training system will

be its new market opportunity, and the percentage of woman pilot will increase with the number of

complete in women pilot-training program.

This case is a good example to teach us how to identify the main market problem, how to use symptoms

to clarify the problem, how to state the research objectives and start the research.
There are some recommendations for Cessna Aircraft.

First, to exam some specific market segments such as wives of pilots, women who desire to travel for

pleasure, and so on.

Second, to increase the researches of women’s willing in pilot-training program, and to motivate more

women to consider about this program.

Third, to add some interesting courses in pilot-training program in order to attract more women to

accept this program, and to motivate them to fully complete the training program.
Cessna Aircraft is one of the largest manufacturers of small, private-business airplanes in the United States.
In a recent research, Cessna revealed that only a few of the individuals complete the pilot- training program in which a very small percentage of the total adult population enrolls. Therefore, pilot training becomes a very important part of the market of Cessna Aircraft. The research finds that there is a small percentage of pilots are women. There are very few women instructors in pilot-training programs.
Cessna believes that there are many market opportunities exist which need to be exploited because there are several areas they have never touched to.
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