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RSS, Edumall and Facebook

Introducing RSS, Edumall Using facebook

Teo Chin Ann

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of RSS, Edumall and Facebook

RSS, EduMall and Facebook REGENT SECONDARY SCHOOL? CNN BBC Entertainment Weather Blogs http://email.about.com/od/rssreaderswin/tp/top_rss_windows.htm RSS is a Web2.0 tool How does it benefit us? YOU Demo Video https://www.google.com/reader/view/#overview-page A new Shopping Mall for Teachers without the need of VPN!! Purpose Main Directory How to use?? Repository Forum The ICT Connection To search for resources uploaded by other teachers for use in classrooms.
Powerpoints, Worksheets, Videos, Related Web links Click on the icon of the resource you wanted and it will guide you through the downloading process. Click on Forum Title that you are want to view. EduMall consists of alot of resources such as videos, lesson packages, worksheets etc for exchange or use. Encourage feedbacks, collaboration and exchange of ideas between teachers. FACEBOOKer in Singapore Reasons for choosing Preparatory work Problems encountered Objectives Popular among students Most of them already have it (13 out of 17) User friendly Free No need to remember another password for logging in Learning taking place beyond cirriculum time Learning beyond the textbook and find it relavant to everyday life and love the subject A place for their reflection Platform for collaborative learning A tool for students who are shy to ask questions setting up a new account for it Getting emails of students so that we can add them as friends Setting up a GROUP in facebook and invite the students to join Encouraging students' participation such as awarding marks Students feel that it is extra work for them Had problems posting on the wall but started a discussion to post their reflections instead Ensure that everyone has an internet access Correct any misconceptions A form of revision after lesson Having students' active participation Time consuming for the teachers to keep checking.
(Maybe once to twice a week) Awarding of marks
(give grades instead of marks base on their participation and quality of reflection) Reflections (ICTLT 2010) As educators, guiding the children, we must embrace technology so as to better prepare them for their future.

Internet with loads of information becoming more and more accessible, students are able to learn more on their own.

We need to teach them skills which will help them in their future

It takes time to prepare our lessons with ICT integrated. Time must be given to allow restructuring of lessons packages.

We need to firmly believe that ICT will help and enhance our students' learning.

Its an intersection of Knowledge, Pedagogy and ICT.
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