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My Lot in Life

No description

Megan Allen

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of My Lot in Life

My Lot in Life

As a young adult in today's society, we are much more accepting of interracial relationships compared to previous generations.
According to a Harvard study, those between the ages of 18-to-29 years old showed large support for interracial relationships.
In 2012, 85% of Millennials said they would be fine with a marriage with an individual from any ethnic group.
For individuals between the ages 30-to-49-years old this percentage dropped to 73.
55% of individuals between the ages 50-to-64-year-olds demonstrated support.
Parents may be concerned that because of differences in culture and ethnicity there could be added stress put on the relationship.
Concern of what other people think/my image.
Certain relationships were looked upon much differently as they were growing up, so having their child in one of these relationships may be out of their comfort zone.
You're growing up and experiencing things they never will.
The story
My sweetheart is of a different race and culture, but my parents don't approve of the relationship.
Reasons for Concern
If married, we would have mixed children.
Celebrations and holidays will most likely include traditions from two different ethnicities.
If both sides of parents don't approve, relationships with our parents could become tense and uncomfortable.
Worst case scenario: parents may want nothing to do with your significant other.
For national support groups visit
Family counseling
Find a support group
Don't cut yourself off from your family even if you still don't agree.
THRIVE Psychology
Psychologist in St. Joseph, Michigan
Address: 711 Pleasant St, St Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: (269) 408-8474
By: Megan Allen
Parents could decide to disown me
Would lose financial support
Emotionally draining/stressful
Ruined family bonds
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