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Advanced collision detection

No description

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Advanced collision detection

Character Collision
One type of collision is the Hexagonal Collision Pattern as represented by the blue spots on the diagram to the right

There are a few problems with this type as it can cause glitching. If you examine the diagram you can see the gaps between the spots where a small collider in the level could fit into and brake the game making it less fun for the user.
Level Collision
Level collision is neded otherwise your character would just fall through the ground. You can use simple rectangles as your terrain, but this is bland and boring and gives no life to the game. This makes the collision boxes easy to impliment into the game.

Advanced Collision Detection
Another type of Collision Detection is Rectangular Detection, rather than your dots i explained before you have a more solid surface. The Detection is shown on the diagram to the left by the multicolored boxes. This is a better way of Colision Detection because, as you can see by the diagram there are no gaps like the previous diagram. This means there is less chance of your character getting stuck on the terrains collision boxes
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