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Quest Vocab

No description

Justice Nicholson

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Quest Vocab

A person who loves mankind and preforms charitable or benevolent actions. The philanthropist helped the charity when it was about to close down.
Quest Vocab
A person who loves or collects books. Both of my grandmas are bibliophiles because they have lots of books, and if I want a book they will get it.
Fond or devoted to music; music loving. My older brother Safari is philharmonic because he is always listening to music.
The collecting of stamps loves stamps. I saw Jim with a big book of stamps.
To flirt; to love lightly. Benjamin Franklin was a philanderer with all of the ladies in France.
A potion or charm supposed to cause the person taking it to fall in love, usually with someone specific. Leo was trying to use the philter on Lucy.
The study of languages, especially how languages and words develop. John and his brother Jimmy are philologists, and there studying in different countries.
The study of the basic principles of a particular branch of knowledge, love of wisdom. My uncle likes philosophy because he is always studying.
Love for children; especially one's own kids. Some parents are very philoprogenitive.
A climbing plant; wood loving plant. The philodendron outside is getting crazy!
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