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Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual

Liz Harrison

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Hauora

Wellbeing (Hauora)
Physical Hauora
(Taha Tinana)
Good Nutrition
Mental / Emotional Wellbeing
(Taha Hinengaro)
Social Wellbeing
(Taha Whanau)
Eating Healthy
Exercise is a huge part of maintaining your body and keeping it healthy. A good way of keeping exercise interesting is to switch up your routine, and do different things. Also, it is important to remember to exercise in moderation.
It's important to stay hydrated during the day, Water is the best form of hydration.
As technology progresses, social media becomes more common in someones everyday lives. People are becoming more prone to self esteem issues, and eating disorders because of media today.
Self Esteem
But, media is starting to understand these issues, and are now starting to advertise positive messages and put 'retouch free' photos in magazines.
The Social Health of a person is very important as the people you surround yourself with, such as

, can influence you in a positive way, and make you happy.
Social Wellbeing
Having good friends is really important, as they can help you be the best person that you can be, as well as making you happy.
Spiritual Wellbeing
(Taha Wairua)
The physical body, its growth, development, and ability to move, and ways of caring for it
Positive self-worth is enhanced when a person does enough exercise, gets sleep and eats a balanced diet so the way they feel physically does not drag them down.

Coherent thinking processes, acknowledging and expressing thoughts and feelings and responding constructively

A person has positive-self when they have mainly good feelings about themselves and they are in a good mood most of the time.

Having fun, trying new things effects how we think and feel about things

Family relationships, friendships, and other interpersonal relationships; feelings of belonging, compassion, and caring; and social support

Positive self-worth comes from having healthy relationships with others where there is respectful communication and interaction.

The values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life, and personal identity and self-awareness (For some individuals and communities, spiritual well- being is linked to a particular religion; for others, it is not.)
Positive self-worth is supported when people have a clear sense of what is important to them – especially what they value highly, what they believe in, knowing who they are as a person.
What do you value? What is your belief structure?

The spiritual health of someone is there values and beliefs. This could be expressed through religion or your personal goals you have yourself.
Spiritual well being links to your purpose in life
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