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Digital Footprint

No description

Titus Maxum

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint
How may it affect you positively?
Everyone has one, everyone's different, It's important that we are careful about what we put on the internet

Everything you do online effects your digital footprint. All it can do is build up. You can't erase anything.
Digital footprint video
How may it effect you negatively?
This can affect your positively because there are people out there that talk about you. Let's say your so nice and talk about good things about your friend on Facebook and Twitter. However, he doesn't respect you like he deserves to do. He just starts talking about horrible things about you on social media. That can destroy your digital footprints and send yourself on the wrong track of having a positive footprint. Also, you need to see if the message is kind, necessary, and possibly, helpful.
Some ways your digital footprint can affect you youngsters nowadays, is that, simply put, people who see the things you post may have formed an abstract opinion about you before they even meet you. You also have think about your future. The things you do in the present are still going to be there later in your life.
What Can We Do To Make Our Digital Footprint Better?

The message that we were trying to get across is that your digital footprint is personal. It can get hard to handle when you have a large digital footprint while you're still young. Make sure you don't do anything you regret and make your digital footprint something you would be proud of.
Make sure you know what you're saying before you post it. and Think "how might it make you look?", "Would you mind everyone seeing that?", "can it make me and even others look bad?" your digital footprint will be with you your whole life. Not everyone's is perfect but its best if you try to at least make it presentable to anyone you respect. easily the good things in your digital footprint can overcome the bad
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