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Metis Timeline

No description

Naiter M

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Metis Timeline

METIS TIMELINE!! 1896-1870 Metis red-river resistance resulted in the
Manitba act got passed by canada parliment. The act made Manitba a bilingual province and the Metis woulld get 500 000 hectares of land in addition to the farms 1875-1879 1885 Canada's government issused a document that
could be exchanged for land and number treaties
to the Metis instead of the lands of Manitba
The Northwest Resistance protected
the Metis land which today is now Saskatchewan, At the time, Canada's government was trying to overthrow Canada's authority. 1896-1910 The made some farms
what in a St. Paul, Alberta but they called it
the St. Paul des Metis
This land was provided by the Catholic
Church 1938 The L'Association des Metis de
l'Alberta et des Territoires du Nord-Ouest
gave the Metis some land but not directly,
but the set it aside for them. This is the first time that
Canada's history that the governmet
had provided Metis with land. 1940-1960 The metis were handed tempoary settlement
but they were unsuitiable for the metis people
because they could not do their work such as
fishing,hunting,ect. 1982 The Metis worked with canda so they could have
their right in the Constitution, so people would recogize
their ways of life. 1990 Alberta government made a legislation which gave the metis people
a permanent settlement spot for them... This legislation included the following:
~Constitution of Alberta Amendment
~Metis Settlement Accord Implementation
~Metis Settlement Act
~Metis Settlement Land Protection Act 2003 The Supreme Court of Canada made a choice to let the
Metis hunt and fish as Canada's Aboriginal peoples under the
Constitution. 2004 Metis Genral Council and Metis Nation
of Alberta made agreement to let the metis of canada to hunt and fish. They now DO NOT need licencesto do so. 2006 Metis in Manitoba launched a court case
for compensation
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