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The Great Depression

No description

Jeffrey Sidney

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The great depression By Sarah.S. and Lauren The productivity was high in 1929. What it was like during the Great Depression: The economy dropped by 20 percent. Question 2 :Who was the us trading with during the Great Depression? Some of the countries were Europe, Italy and Germany. The great depperession started in 1929 and lasted for ten years Interesting facts recorses:) world war one caused destruction and economic chaos, that was one of the ways the depression era started great economy world war one stock market crashes (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Some pictures are: But by 1933 the input and output of good and services had declined by 31%!!!! Question 3: What were some of the main imports and exports during the Great depression? One was cocoa. Question 1 :Describe the economic growth of the united states during this time period ? Wold war1 and stock
market crashes over
weighed Great economy. Websites/books
WWW. wikapida.com
Research guide index(world book)
world book g.8
Historical atlas of the United States
WWW.about.htm(about G.D.)
the volume library 1 Thank you for listening and watching!!!!!!!!!! THE END WE HOPE WE DIDENT BORE YOU!!! :) :) :) Japan thought they could handle it all by Themselves People said the new national anthem was " Brother could you spare a dime?" This is a video of the Great Depression:
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