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Benefits of the free enterprise system

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sdfgh iogyutfre

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Benefits of the free enterprise system

Benefits of the free enterprise system

responsive prices
Price responsive demand is the ability of consumers to control their energy
expenditures by changing their electricity use in response to wholesale electricity
Investment Opportunities
Investment opportunity means “anything, tangible or intangible, that is offered, offered for sale, sold, or traded based wholly or in part on representations, either express or implied, about past, present, or future income, profit, or appreciation.
variety of goods
The higher the demand, the higher the price can be raised.
a system in which private businesses are able to compete with each other with little control by the government.

Individual freedom of consumers and producers
The benefits to producers and consumers of the US Free Enterprise System include; freedom of owning private property, producers producing at their own profit, both consumers and producers can control themselves, increased efficiency and adequate use of the available resources. This system has limited government restrictions and regulations.
Benefits of the free enterprise system
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