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Cailin Scherer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gangs

Double click anywhere & add an idea Gangs History Notable Gangs Types of gangs Common Behaviors traditional
street gangs
drug gangs
prison gangs
hybrid gangs
latino gangs
asian gangs
russian gangs
jamacian gangs
chinese gangs Crips
The Arayan Brotherhood
latin kings
vice lords
Al Capone (a person konwn as Scarface...one of the best known gangsters in America)
The Mexican Mafia
Nazi Lowriders
Public Enemy No. 1
Hells Angels
Gambino crime family
Philedalphia crime family
Irish Mob
Black Guerrilla Family
Muestra Familia
D.C. Blacks
Armeniain Power
Arizona's Old Mexican Mafia
New Mexico Syndicate
Varrio Hawaiian Gardens
Anaheim Strays
Tijuana Cartel
Nuestra Familia
Black Guerrilla Family
Arizona's New Mexican Mafia
Northern Structure
Vineland Boys Murder
weapon trafficking
drug trafficking
illegal gambling
inmate prostitution
illegal prostitution
Many gangs such as the Order of Assasins, Snakehead, and American Old West Outlaw gangs have exsisted for centuries. For example, during the 1200s members of Sardinian Camorra, better known as Gamurra, coonsisting of mercinaries, before traveling to Naples worked in Cagliari town as private policemen and bodyguards. At the beginning of the 19th century, the young children involved in crime were punished the same as the adult criminals were. They were sent to adult prisons, and were transported to the numerous Australian penal colonies. They where also whipped or even scentenced to death for petty crimes. In 1850 in New York there was over 200 recorded gang wars fouth mostly by youth gangs. All major cities had a large amount of gangs in the ninteenth and twentieth century, and they are just growing in numbers
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