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Mobile Media Final Presentation

Sophie, Darren & Harry

Sophie O'Connor

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Mobile Media Final Presentation

The All Seeing Eyes The Vision of Justice Darren - Ring Leader
Sophie - Researcher
Harry - Designer The Brief We were asked to create a prototype of a mobile, portable or integrated device. Original Idea Tablet PC
Good concept for mobile media
Overall too ambitious Final Idea The All Seeing Eyes The Vision of J.U.S.T.I.C.E Justice
Equipment Features OLED Lenses
Intercom Earpiece
Voice Recognition OLED's... Are solid-state devices composed of thin films of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. Earpiece Unobtrusive method of communication
Link to police station and team members
Effective communication between units without allerting suspect to presence
Nanotechnology The engineering of functional systems at the atomic and molecular scale.

GPS A space-based global navigation satellite system. It provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to worldwide users on a continuous basis in all weather, day and night, anywhere on or near the Earth which has an unobstructed view of four or more GPS satellites. Voice Recognition The recognition system is trained to a particular speaker, in this case the officer on duty. If the device is then stolen it cannot be used by anyone but said officer. The device can also be commanded to perform certain functions such as "Phone Emergency Services - Ambulance" First Device Mock Up First HUD Mock Up Vivid Colours
Clear Graphics
Clutter Free Interface
Vital Signs on Display
Information displayed in real time
Colour Coded
Easy to use Final 3D Device Design Can It Really Be Done? Hell Yes. Bibliography BMW Augmented Reality

The Nano Song

Speech Recognition



GTA London Soundtrack - Rockstar Games

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_radio Any Questions? Special Thanks To Richard King - Camera Man
Rory [ASBO] McLeish - Actor
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