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Phi Delta Theta Rush

No description

hunter rogers

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Phi Delta Theta Rush

Phi Delta Theta Rush
Recruitment workshop 2015

tell them how phi delt has affected you for the better and tell them why going greek it good
examples: 1 Experience
2 brothers for life
3 Oppurtunities
we will stress the look to look fratty!
Why Rush Phi delta theta?
1. one oldest national fraternities
2. brother hood
3. we help you become the greatest version of yourself.
The three Pillars of rush
1. rushing right
2. looks
3. social
how to expand
show that you care when talking to potentials.
no one wants to join a fraternity where you will be a faceless nobody
how to show your interested.
even if you do ask the generic questions you can change them into a more intresting question.

ex. you play sports - bad questions
did you play sport tell me a little more about that or tell me how sports affected you postively.
How to rush right!
avoid being generic with question ex. where you from, play sports, major ect.
okay items include: sperrys, polos, button downs,kaki pants, slacks,sorority shirts these are okay to wear to wear.
what is not okay - flannels, cowboy boots, fuckin cargos, printed shirts, and longboards NO FUCKIN LONGBOARDS!!!!

why is being social important ?
With this rush i want to get our name out there as a serious contender.
How do we do this?
first we must meet the people in class, orientation, through friends etc.
names =interest=bids
hang out with them
take to them to lunch
invite them to parties
wear letters on campus
invite to our events
if we can show these guys a good time it doesn't matter if we have a top tier house, it'll show them that we are a great fraternity they want to be apart of .
Rush is august 16- 21
we will mak ethese connections through: -summer orientation
-dorm storming
-small events
-big events
summer orientation
i will take our new designed board to orientations with some people and basically table meet people and get them intrested in rush and invite them to hang or do small events like hiking or fishing etc
Storm Dorming
this will take place closer to the start of school and this inolves breaking up and posting flyers at all dorms and invites people out to our events by going door to door.
Small Events
small events are small inexpensive experiences to get people interested.
- playing video games at house
- play pool in UC
- going to lunch
-going to swimming holes etc anything to get them to show
Big Events

big event are our primary rush events, which may include:
-Jump Park
-Tail gate party
-crawl fish broil
-poker night at the house
- pig roast

Who do we want to recruit?
Mathletes and athletes
anyone who will go out of their way to live up to the principles of phi delta theta and who will help us flourish
why we can do this

- we have had fewer numbers
-we are survivors
-we are going to show utc we are bad fuckers and we will get a damn good pledge class and be a top tier again no fucking excuses
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