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How does mcdonalds effect the economy?

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Davonte Clark

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of How does mcdonalds effect the economy?

McDonalds created about 450,705 jobs per year only including the US.
The restaurant provides food for people in 119 countries.
On a daily McDonalds serves about 62 million people which equals to be greater than the population of Great Britain

McDonalds also positively affects the economy by supporting local programs and charitable causes. Due to a deep love for children, McDonalds created The Ronald McDonald House Charities that has successfully helped many sick children.
McDonald was also very generous during the two largest natural disasters in 2004 and 2005. After Hurricane Katrina, McDonalds donates $5 million to relief efforts as well as matching funds donated by customers and employees.
ALSO Within the first month of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, $3.3 million was raised in order to help the public who had been effected.
McDonalds And The Economy
The McDonald's franchise provides the following employee benefits: medical, dental, profit sharing, vacation, sabbatical program, employee and dependent life insurance, incentive pay, and recognition programs.
How does mcdonalds effect the economy?
In 2012 McDonalds Made 24 billion in revenue placing them as the 90th largest economy in the world.
McDonalds Has Dropped In The 2013 4th quarter they claim it is due to the new tough economy
The economy also benefits from the 231.3 million dollars the company paid in 2012 in taxes
The economic impacts of the restaurant on the United States are local employment opportunities and the option to invest in the corporation
Quick Snapple Fact:

According to company estimates, one in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald's

More Snapple Facts:
McDonald's currently has around 14,000 restaurants located in the United Sates alone, that have 1.8 million employees.
The Amount Of Money McDonalds Generates Per Year Makes The Richer Than The Entire Country Of Mongolia.
When McDonalds
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